Valencia Airport (VLC)
Car Parking

(Valencia, Spain)

Valencia Airport offers a single car park, which is located away from the terminal building and is connected via a free shuttle bus service. Short-term, long-term and disabled parking are available at the facility.

A separate car park with a capacity for 200 vehicles is available for hire cars.


Short-term parking is available in the airport's only car park and charges are levied for the first 30 minutes, then 30 minutes to an hour, after which an hourly rate applies. The car park is accessible via a short shuttle bus trip from the terminal.


Long-term parking is available in the airport's only car park and is charged at a fixed rate for the first four days and at a reduced rate for any additional days. The parking facility runs regular shuttle bus services between the car park and the terminal.


A number of disabled persons' parking spaces are available in the airport's only car park. Spaces are conveniently positioned close to the car park's pedestrian exits. Additional assistance can be provided by contacting your airline prior to your arrival at the airport.

Valencia Airport VLC

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